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Thai BBQ


The years 2019 and 2020 have been forgettable at best. What we miss is gathering around the people closest to us and sharing fantastic food and drinks.

Dodee Thai BBQ brings all our hopes of life after COVID19 back to our great city.

Great atmosphere with late night, live music, with great food and drinks.

A place to hang out and enjoy our social freedom.

Thai BBQ

Live music and DJ

Dodee BBQ brings back the Thai vibes from folk ( Luk thung) music to current Thai Pop Experience. From acoustic evenings to full band, till late. 

DJ Petch is well known in Melbourne as the Thai guy DJ. Spinning Asian pop international hits, and also original Thai songs mixed all through the night by his hand

Fon is our main singer. She has been performing at Dodee Paidang Little Collin since day one, and never disappoints. She always brings that feel good energy. Luk Thung and Thai pop are her best performances.

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Friendly service and generous portions. First time having Thai BBQ and it was a great experience. There is a DIY cooking component, centre is for meat, side trench is filled with soup to cook seafood and veggies. You can refill soup as it cooks via a pitcher on the table.

Elizabeth Gao

Friday night visit city after lockdown finished, this cosy restaurant serves tasty Thai food (we’ve been to Thailand 5 times), will come again.

Kevin K

It was a fun dinner with refreshing cocktails, our own grill pan and live music!

2 Good Forks

Our third business is all about Moo Kata and Hotpot.

What is Moo Kata?

It’s Thai style BBQ a circular metallic BBQ top with a circular moat.

Pork stock is poured in the moat of the BBQ pan.

Meat is then cooked on the rounded portions or cooked in the pork stock. Vegetables can also be put into the pork.

Dip into our delicious sauces and enjoy. Shared best with lots of friends and drinks.

Dodee Hotpot, enjoy our special soup as a Hot Pot with three levels of spices to choose from? Enjoy the fragrant spicy sour flavours in a hot pot.

Your wish is our command.

DSC01790 (1)

Esan food has many favorited dishes that many people like.  with a strong flavour  Therefore, it was raised to be a type of food that satisfies Thai people’s mouths.  Including foreigners, they all give thumbs up for the deliciousness that comes to the plane.  The charm of Isan food that can attract people’s hearts is: – salty taste from boiled fermented fish sauce – spicy flavour from fresh chili and dried primrose – sour taste from olives and tamarind, which is a distinctive flavour that comes with mellow delicious  There is a smell that kicks the nose, inviting you to try.  And another unique identity of Isan food is Every menu has a kumquat water.  As for the boiled dishes, they have a strong and spicy flavour.  along with herbs that enhance the aroma  And the delicious taste is perfect.


Our signature are inspired the concept of gatherings and reviving the party vibes.

Let’s celebrate at Dodee BBQ with our colourfully deliciously sweet and fruity ‘Cocktail Jugs’ that will bring you back to a beach and put you in that relaxed holiday mode.

Our cocktail buckets ‘Lao Tang’ brings the Koh Samui beach vibe with our Thai inspired beach

Beer · we have the full range from Thailand. On tap we have Hoegarden White. Furphy, Singha and Kirin.

Nothing beats a beer tower with your mates.

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Thai BBQ

Our Chef

Chef Bank, our original chef from Dodee Paidang Little Collins since the day one we are opened Dodee Paidang in Melbourne in 2017. Dodee BBQ was his inspiration. 

Chef Tor, is the energy driving our kitchen operation. Working hard and strict with all details.

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Thai BBQ

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