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Esan food has many favorited dishes that many people like.  with a strong flavour  Therefore, it was raised to be a type of food that satisfies Thai people’s mouths.  Including foreigners, they all give thumbs up for the deliciousness that comes to the plane.  The charm of Isan food that can attract people’s hearts is: – salty taste from boiled fermented fish sauce – spicy flavour from fresh chili and dried primrose – sour taste from olives and tamarind, which is a distinctive flavour that comes with mellow delicious  There is a smell that kicks the nose, inviting you to try.  And another unique identity of Isan food is Every menu has a kumquat water.  As for the boiled dishes, they have a strong and spicy flavour.  along with herbs that enhance the aroma  And the delicious taste is perfect.

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Our third business is all about Moo Kata and Hotpot.

What is Moo Kata?

It’s Thai style BBQ a circular metallic BBQ top with a circular moat.

Pork stock is poured in the moat of the BBQ pan.

Meat is then cooked on the rounded portions or cooked in the pork stock. Vegetables can also be put into the pork.

Dip into our delicious sauces and enjoy. Shared best with lots of friends and drinks.

Dodee Hotpot, enjoy our special soup as a Hot Pot with three levels of spices to choose from? Enjoy the fragrant spicy sour flavours in a hot pot.

Your wish is our command.

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